Our 11 wash stations of food tanks are dedicated first to the washing of our fleet. They are regularly audited and possess numerous approvals of shippers or customers; they allow us to assure all your services always in the spirit of quality at all times.

The process of wash (from the simple wash at the sterilisation or in the drying) is made in the best sanitary conditions, by a qualified and constantly trained staff :

  • System of high and low-pressure washing,

  • Rigorous bacteriological and allergens monitoring,

  • Cycles of washing adapted to the previous product and to the product to be loaded,

  • Washing with single use water,

  • Detergent products compatible with food contact.

Monitoring of the washing:

Every years...

Implementation of allergenic tests on all the wash stations of the group. These tests are an additional control point validating the efficiency of our cycles.

Regular internal monitoring

- Daily controls by the washers

- Monthly controls by our supplier of detergents

- Controls by the Quality service on the wash of tanks

- Bacteriological and allergenic analyses in approved laboratory

Regular external monitoring

- Audits

- Monitoring of analyses

- Washing certificate

But also...

- All our stations are certified

- We have dedicated lanes

- We are specialized in the washing of food tanks thus your goods are secured

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