Our system of Quality Safety of the Environment is attuned to your requirements and works in association with the Directors of the subsidiaries of the group Antoine.

Our methods of work, constantly evolving, are regularly audited by the customers and by the certification bodies.

Evolution of the system over the last years:


Implementation of the QUALIMAT certification wich ensures the transport of foodstuffs.

Since 2015...

We want our subsidiaries to be certified ISO 22 000.

Every years...

Certification of all the subsidiaries for transport of organic products by ECOCERT. Twice a year, every subsidiary is audited to verify our methods of work as well as their traceability.

But also...

- An HACCP study in compliance with our activity of transport and wash of food tanks.

- A VACCP study (Food Defence)

- A Food Fraud study

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Safety is one of the main concerns of Transports Antoine. That is why the purchases of equipment are made so as to improve two important axes:

  1. Personnel safety :

All our drivers wear PPE clothing. As for the new tanks; they are now equipped with :

- a double safety rail (one to the left and one to the right)

- a complete footbridge with rails at each end

- an inclined ladder allowing better access to the dome of the tank


   2. Product safety:

Our job is to ensure a transport of your products in optimal conditions. That is why, to guarantee a better safety of products, we assure you that there is no subcontracting but also that our tanks are systematically sealed.


For several years in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, the group has constantly been looking for solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, in particular when purchasing equipment.

To officialise this initiative and propose to our customers an environment-friendly service, we signed a CO2 charter in 2013. For three years, we made a commitment on several objectives among wich the improvement of the training of our drivers in eco-driving; the anticipated passage of our tractors to EURO6, which is an antipollution standard; the limitation of empty runs, speed limiter control … Even though we have not renewed this charter, we keep decreasing our CO2 emissions.